9. Intellectual Property

In your business plan, you should write a well informative intellectual property section which will cover the certain areas of concern NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement is very important area which must be well taken care of. If you have any wish to make a flawless business plan, you should write the intellectual property section, you will have to strictly follow some basic guidelines. Non Disclosure Agreement should not be handed over to third party. The intellectual property covers vital and confidential information and data about the development project and company’s law.

Therefore you need to protect your intellectual property for the benefit of your company. On NDA part of your plan, you will have to put your signature and date. In addition, there should be extra space for the signature of the second party. You will have to include “entirety and modification” clause in this section which will explain the importance of the safe keeping of the information and data for the safety of the company.

As intellectual property is very vital part of your business plan, you need to check the content several times before submitting. You need to check which clause covers the country’s law. Every part of the intellectual property category in business plan needs to be written step by step.

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