7. Location

When you write any business plan, you need to think about the location section which is very important to keep in mind. In your business plan, you will have to mention the landmark where your commercial infrastructure will be built. Therefore, at the time of the preparation of geographical location section, you should give the perfect short description about the location or site where you are supposed to start your business in a building. You will have to mention whether the property has been taken on lease or you have the ownership right over the building. What sort of business are you going to start at the particular site?

You should give the reason of opting for such location. You need to write location site section in your business plan in such way so that the readers will understand well about the landmark of the site and to what extent it will be helpful to consumers to visit the departmental store, shop or shopping mall from their residential housing complex.

To be brief, you need to clarify the positive sides of your location discarding the minus points. It will assist clients to realize the importance of your business. Your location section in business plan should be well organized.

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