8. Ownership Structure

In a business plan, you need to more specific in highlighting the certain areas of concern. If you want to start up your business, you need a perfectly designed business plan which must be up-to-date. How to write a perfect business plan depends to what extent you are delivering right data. Ownership structure section is the indispensable part of business plan. In this part of the business plan, you will have to prove your ownership right to possess the particular structure. You should mention the name of controller of the ownership structure. It is essential to point out the guarantor who owns up the responsibility to hold back the liability.

Under this category, you will have to give a short explanation about income tax related provisions which you need to follow for making payment. In this connection, better to talk to a specialist or income tax consultant to take feedbacks about the particular law in regards to ownership infrastructure.

In ownership infrastructure section, you should mention names, address for communication, shares, stocks and other holdings which have been invested so far. There should be name of MDB or board of directors as well. Finally, you will have to include the amount of total stock which has been duly authorized by legal institutions.

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