6. Products and Services

The product and services section of the business plan is one of the most crucial aspects of a business plan. When you decide to prepare products and services format, you need to be very clear whether you want to offer only products or the combined form of both products and services. In a business plan, you need to be very specific about your scheme. What sort of products and services do you want to offer to your consumers? For example, if it is business plan about a spa or a healthcare center, you must give proper product descriptions highlighting the features of products and services which are available at the effective prices.

As for the format, you need to write short descriptive note about services which you want to provide. Specify whether your company wants to provide backup – hourly, weekly or on monthly basis. Create a sub-category about company’s logo and the theme. It will help you to convince customers about functionality of your products and services. Overall, this section of your business plan should be concise yet informed.

Also, you will have to include a brief comparison study and explain the reason for the popularity of your products and services. An effective sales literature is a must to describe the various products and services on offer by your company.

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