10. Web Presence

Every developing or established business these days needs to make sure that it has presence in both the real and the virtual world. Web presence of any business can be divided into various groups. Depending on the various facets of the business one can choose between the various options. The most basic of these options is that of an official website of the business. This official website marks the pivot around which the whole business would revolve.

In your business plan, you need to make sure that you include the details of the official business website and other means which you would be using to promote the business. Even your home website can be of different types i.e. it may include selling of items directly via the website or you may provide online chat support.

All such details should be included in the web presence section of your business plan. If you are planning to include some supporting website of the same niche as your business for promotion and taking your web presence to the next level, then include a list of such websites which you can utilize for your purpose. If you are planning to do some press release or publish some related content, then make sure that you include the facts about such diverse options in your business plan available these days to boost your web presence.

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