42. Promotion

In the cut throat scenario of the modern world, it is die hard essential to promote your products and this forms another aspect of your business plan. There are various means of promotion and you should details the methods which you plan to use to promote your business. The various modes of promotion are directly dependent on the type of business you have and you should list out the details likewise.

Sales Promotion – If you are selling some utility product then you can include details on the methods you would use to boost sales. For e.g. it could be worthwhile to use free samples or coupons as a method of promotion. You can hire sales persons to do product demonstration to highlight the features of your products.

Publicity – Detail facts about the means that you are going to target for publicity and promotion. This could include both online and offline sources. If you are going to use an advertising firm or specialist services, then include details about the same in your report.

Website – An official website of the company or business that you are creating can also be used as a mode of promotion for your products.

Marketing Materials – Include details about common stuff like business card, brochures, free consultancy services or related items with respect to your business.

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