27. Banking Information

In this part, you will need to provide Stakeholders and possible investors the banking information of the company. It is necessary for them to know exactly the cash-flow you have. The banking information will be confirming what you pointed to be your starting cash as well as your sales average. This information is the foundation of the pro-forma cash flow and it will explain everything you said above about your company.
You will have also to explain how you are going to reconcile the bank account and when you are going to do it. It is important to have it on the business plan. You must do the all the math to see when it is the best period for making the changes needed in your bank account. You should also find out how you are going to provide funds when needed. For example, you may reconcile the bank account with your own money and on a monthly basis or you may reconcile the bank account with loans and on a trimester basis.

But this must be written down in your business plan. Stakeholders need to be sure you are confident on your company’s possibilities and that you have a plan for any situation that may appear to the environment.

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