20. Pro-Forma Income Projections

Pro forma income projections always highlight the cash flow process in terms of currencies. In your business plan, you need to insert this important section to make your clients aware of cash flow both internally and externally. You should insert some

important points in framing pro-forma income report. Your money lender or financial benefactor will probe how much amount is invested to run the business and what the net amount of outflow cash is. Therefore, you should analyze perfectly the Pro forma income projections.

Pro Forma Income P&L (Income) will showcase or reflect the total amount of inflow and outflow of financial resources for a span of a 3 year-term. You are required to use the financial gains for the first one year following the figure which is set in Pro Forma statement. For the next two years, you will have to set up a new project relying on future trends in the market and expected economic infrastructure.

Your Pro-forma income projection must be up to date and loaded with current project reports regarding inflow and outflow of revenues/cash. Lastly, under this section, product liability and total worthiness of the company must be covered to make the pro-forma income project more informative.

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