84. Incorporation Documents

For the formation of the corporation or any company, you have to apply for many documents at the appropriate govt. offices. After the approval, these documents form a part of incorporation documents. The documents include Charter of Incorporation, which gives the purpose of the business, main address of the concerned business, the type and number of the shares issued.

The second document is the permission for the name of the company. Other documents include the corporate bylaws, which are applicable for the company’s long-term administration. For e.g. some laws are applicable to, when and how the annual shareholder meeting will be held. How the different authorities will be divided at the top. Some laws also pertain to the conduct of the board meetings. These documents are vital to the corporation, as they relate to the basic groundwork of the corporation.

When you think about doing business, first of all you have to apply for the incorporation documents. After you get the permission, you can go for the further steps. When you make a business plan, you have to attach a copy of the incorporation documents, as these documents give all the information regarding the company or corporation, which can be verified.

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