15. Advisory Board

A business plan must be loaded with strategies, various growth oriented programs, development project reports and lot more. Now Advisory Board in this connection is very important area of concern in a business plan. You will have to write in a fantastic way about the external management machinery which will regulate the company by giving necessary advice and feedback. This external force is very user friendly to influence management to take drastic steps for the benefits of the company.

In your business plan you should mention the name of the consultants and legal advisors of a board in a company. You must give a descriptive note about the plan of setting up an advisory board. Your clients will be satisfied to know that you have a strong monitoring system to keep the track of various projects and the total workflow within the company. You have a powerful management which is under the supervision of a board of advisories who will predict by giving their personal feedbacks regarding different projects.

When you write Board of Advisors section in your business plan you will have to make list of names, titles, addresses and performance track records of those advisors who will indirectly help management to solve problems.

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