14. Professional Services Section

Professional services section in your business plan should cover income tax related issue, auditing, accounting packages and other financial issues. When you write this important section, you will have to be aware of the tax preparation related rules which are at variance with different states in America. Your professional services section must indicate the constant cash flow and economic strategic plans which influence a commercial sector. Under this section, you need to present an overview about commercial milieu which is favorable for the growth of the business.

Business liability is also important when you are bound to provide high quality products and services to your customers. If they are not satisfied with the service you are going to offer, your company will not stand on the strong platform. Now liability insurance must be covered in this section.

Just write a brief note about the business liability and how a finance company can help you to bob up from destruction and financial damage. Consumers’ forum will charge you if your services are not up to the mark and detrimental to the customers. Therefore while making a business plan; you should try to cover liability of the company to follow rules and regulations to let the business run smoothly.

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