13. Responsibility Chart

The management responsibility chart in a business plan consists of four main parts. These are

Responsible – This is the position held by the person who ensures that the work would be completed in the stipulated time.

Accountable – This position is held by person who is held responsible for various tasks of the business plan. He may even delegate responsibilities to various persons involved in the business plan.

Consultant – If you are hiring a consultant or seeking advice of a person regarding the core decision making, then this person or team comes under the consultant umbrella. Normally, this work is outsourced by companies these days.

Informed – This person keeps track of the output of various strategies implemented in the business plan.

While writing a responsibility chart it is important to focus on the position and not on the person holding the position. Also, ensure that all the necessary details regarding the duties of the position are well laid out for the understanding of the person holding the position. The Responsibility chart is such a facet of business plan that is not constant and needs revision from time to time depending on situation at hand. Make sure you inculcate the changes as time passes by to ensure best productivity.

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