11. Team Introduction

Team introduction is one of the important parts of a business plan. You must be careful while writing introduction in your business plan. Precisely, make a short introductory note highlighting the name of company, partnership and sole businessman to whom you are liable to send your business project for further reviews. Write just two or three statements about the business which you want to do in future. A brief explanation about your resolution and reason of starting business will make your team introduction more informative.

In your team introduction, there is necessity of writing a short descriptive note about the confidentiality. Your information is vital and valuable to the company. For this reason, information must not be leaked or transferred to other persons with whom the company or the owner or the co-partner has no connection legally.

Hint at the name of business planner who has the extensive experience to make such a fantastic business oriented project. If the introductory part is not eye catching, reviewers and clients will not be interested to check business plan. Take an overview of the business plan in the team introduction. Give few examples in two or three lines about the future plan and purpose. For instance, you can highlight the area of guide management program which escorts you to make business plan.

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