66. Branding

Your brand is your company. The brand is the image you give people when they are buying your product or watching a commercial of your product.

The mission of the brand is to identify your company and distinguish you from your competitors.

Some people don’t know your company, but they know some of your brands. For example, we often associate iPods to Apple but we don’t associate PowerAde to The Coca-Cola Company.

The brand gives meaning to your product; it gives a sense of belonging to your employers and gives you commercial value, making it possible to raise prices when your brand is well-known. That’s one of the things you should say in the business plan.

Essentially, in this section, you will need to:

Describe your brand – everything that makes it great should be pointed out here. Say that your brand raises the good-will of your company.

Tell why you chose it – explain everything in the creation of this brand and its concept.

Say if you are planning on changing it and why is that – give strong arguments if you want to change it. If you don’t want to change, the argument is that you don’t change a winning team.

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