60. Company Name Reasoning

In this part, you will have to explain where the Company Name came from. It is important to know the foundations of the company and why you chose to make this kind of Business.

This can also be called the story of the Company.

For example, Google’s name came from googol which represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. It was a way to show the dimension of the internet. But, by mistake, it got registered by Google and it stayed that way until today.

If you don’t have a company name yet, take this in consideration:

It needs to be easy to spell. You want people to remember your company’s name so they can come back and refer it to other people.

It needs to remember something physical. If the name is a visual element, people will remember.

It must have a positive connotation. It must give strength to your company.

It must contain information about the product of the company. But when it gets famous, you can modify it. For example, Apple started as Apple Computers.

It should be short. Again, short names are easier to remember.

Although a lot of the times the name is underrated, it is one of the things that mostly represent the company.

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