56. Consumer Analysis

The consumer is your target and you need to be able to classify him/her. These criteria will help you make an image of your typical consumer:

For example, a company that sells toys needs to categorize its target. That would be:

This is extremely important to know on whom to focus your product and your publicity. And you have to be careful because sometimes the target you projected the product to, it’s not the same that is actually buying it.

Sex – Female or Male. This is used in cosmetic, for example.

Age – How old is he/she. Is your product for youngsters, adults or elders.

Family – is he/she single or does she have a big family.

Weight – can be useful if you sell diet products, for example.

Location – where do they live, is it a big city or a small town.

Income – are they rich or are they poor.

Academic level – do they go to college, for example.

Religion – it may matter if your target is very religious.

Sex – Male

Age – until 10 years old

Family – living with parents, size of the families not applied.

Weight – must not be overweight or some toys will broke

Location – worldwide, big cities

Income – Parents’ income must be average to great

Academic level – for some toys, the kid needs to know how to read

Religion – not applied in this case.

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