64. Customer Service

The definition of customer service is an activity which is done to enhance the satisfaction of the customer, before, during and the after sales of product and services of the company. The customers can be varied, according to the type of the products and services provided the company. It can be divided into two parts – services provided by the sales representative and self service.

When a sales representative or service engineer helps you, it is first type of service. When you shop at internet sites, it is the self service. Customer service is important for the companies, as the level of customer service can make or break a company. With a single major service problem, the trust of the customer is undermined in the company. The companies, which have an excellent customer service department, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Consequently, they also achieve a high level of sales.

As we have seen the importance of customer service in an organization, planning the customer service is a major part of the business plan. When you decide the nature of the product, manufactured by the company, you will also have to plan the best way to handle customer service. As customer service is the key to the success of the company.

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