46. Executive Marketing Summary

An executive marketing summary is an overview of your marketing strategy. It synthesizes the most noteworthy parts. You must describe these points:

As you can see, this information is a summary so, obviously, you need to work on this subjects before you make an Executive Marketing Summary. It should be one of the last things to do on a business plan.

A description of your company and services or products you provide.

The target of your business – you will need to describe exactly how your client looks like: age, sex, location, etc.

The market your company is in – describe the environment around your business and how it has developed in the past years.

What makes you different from your competition – in a very short way, tell what you are doing different from the other companies in this field.

Summarize your marketing strategy – elucidate the foundation of your marketing strategy

Your staff – are they qualified? Are you planning on hiring? Tell everything.

The owner and/or CEO – describe the person who is at the top of the pyramid, explaining why he/she is so successful

The sales projection – the total amount of money you predict the company will be making in sales.

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