51. Marketing Action Program

The marketing action program forms the basis on which the marketing goals of any company are achieved. While writing the action program for your business plan one needs to ask various questions. These questions include – What is the goal of this action program? What is the cost involved? Can I minimize the expenditure? Your action plan needs to be clear and should address the core customer base.

After answering these questions you need to draft a marketing strategy in your business plan. You should start by detailing the aims and objectives of the action plan at the start. After wards, you should look into the course of action which you need to follow. You should mention the various sources which you would be using to promote your product. You should also detail the logic behind the feasibility of your marketing plan.

The action program in your business plan may also give priority to different factors such as company policies and current market conditions. For e.g. if you are promoting a product for youth then you may consider using social networking websites like Facebook for promotion. This could be part of short term or long term action program, as per the need of your business.

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