53. Marketing Controls

In this part of the business plan, you should describe how you are planning to control the operations in your company. Controlling is one of the manager’s functions and it helps guarantee that everything is going as planned. There are many things you can write in this section, but I’m going to point out a few of them:

Accounting System – Through a good accounting system, you can control the sales and the costs. If something is wrong with those parameters you will be able to find it quickly. Also, it is a great tool to verify the cash flows and prevent frauds.

Quality control – It is extremely important to control the quality of your products and services. Sometimes, little things can make your customers buy someplace else. Being aware of this, you can make the changes you need to improve the quality of your product.

Capacity – you need to control the capacity of your warehouses, because if you don’t, you might get into a situation when you have more stocks than places to put it. Also, you may think you have no space but you have plenty, so you’re wasting resources.

Goals – Setting up goals and controlling how your employers are reaching them is crucial to make your business evaluate.

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