49. Marketing Objectives

You have to set your goals in this point. As I said before, setting objectives is very important on planning the future of the company. They are also meaningful in terms of controlling the operations on your business.

These are some objectives you may have:

There are just examples. You may find that they make sense in your company’s business plan or not.

The objectives are based in everything else we have seen so far. It’s important to plan this in order to make your employers work for this matter.

Increase sales – most of companies have this objective.

Decrease costs – sometimes it’s impossible to decrease more, but sometimes you can save a lot of money.

Invest in publicity – hopping for the return of the investment..

Find investors – finding a way to insert capital is crucial sometimes.

Hire more employers – if you are thinking about expanding your business, you will eventually have to contract people.

Buy new buildings – it may be a good way to invest.

Sell infrastructures – weather you need to sell or you want to sell, it should be in the business plan.

Have a liquid result of 100.000$ – just an example, but it can be an objective for your company to have a liquid result of a certain amount of money.

Acquire a small company – big companies often acquire small companies to expand their business..

Change market’s vision of your company – it may involve a lot of things but it’s one of the objectives you can write down.

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