50. Marketing Strategy

Strategy and goal orientation are important aspects for any business. In this section, you need to elaborate on the marketing strategy you plan to adopt to promote your products. This is usually a combination of various agents. Include the following in this section:

Clearly define your customer base and be really specific.

The advertising methods you plan to adopt to target this customer base.

What resistance you are going to face i.e. details about competition and their methods and counter methods.

Why would this strategy work and explain the edge that you have over the competition.

Include details on how you plan to utilize your marketing arms to fully tap into the edge that you have over your competition.

Include various charts, figures and graph related to this proposition. This section may run over to many pages. An analysis of the selling strategies being used in the market and their effectiveness should also be hinted in this section. Prove fats about how your strategies can give a boost to sales and your projections for the same.

Round off this section with details about the other tools which form part of your strategy like ads, brochures, door to door marketing etc.

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