67. Packaging

The package will represent your brand, as it is the first thing people notice about a product.

The design of it must be as good as the brand. You should describe you product’s package in terms of:

Functionality – Explain how your product is supposed to be used and the conditions of its use.

Ease to use – Tell exactly if there is a difficulty in the use your product and if it needs some security measures. Can everybody use it?

Efficiency – Elucidate people about whether your package makes the product greater and if it doesn’t take product’s value. Describe if it is easy to produce it.

Adaptation to social use – Is your product transportable or is it too heavy or too big? Tell how people can use your product in public and weather it is possible.

Appearance – Explain the physical features of your product. It’s important that you valorize the design of it, as well as the colors and formats of it.

Valorization of the identity of the brand – Describe how this product fits in your brand and increases its value.

In this section, you will need to describe your product’s package in terms of design mainly. Show how your package praises your product and makes it more appealing.

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