63. Trademarking

Trade marking is a marketing strategy in which the company tries to increase the wholesales, the retailer and the distributor level instead of its own sales. It is a part of the marketing-mix strategy, present in Place because this represents where the costumer is going to buy the product.

It is important to distribute your product around the many areas and that’s when trade marking is crucial. Good relationships with the target of the trade marking makes possible to have your product in supermarkets and other retail stores.

In this part, you will need to tell exactly how you tend to get your product out there and how this will help you increase sales. Basically, you need to expand what you already said in Place of marketing-mix, clarifying all strategies used and the techniques of trade marking you applied to your company. You need to say which retail stores you are going to put your product at and all means used to get your product there.

You should also tell the price of your product and the promotions/discounts you want to use for this effect. This is not the same as price in marketing-mix; this is directly to your retail stores and may vary from store to store.

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