62. Website Name Reasoning

Choosing a name for the website of the company should not be ignored by any aspiring business. There are various social, psychological and monetary aspects related to the website name. One should draw up various reasons for choosing a website name. These reasons may be divided into various sections:

Social – Is the name of the website a popular term used in day to day life. If your business depends on good customer interaction and connectivity on a direct basis, then choosing a name that is easy to remember and catchy definitely helps in getting loyal audience for your website. This is an essential area in which you need to include in the reasoning for the website name for your business.

Monetary – Apart from the two issues stated above, we need to take a look at the various monetary aspects of the website name. Does it look cheap? How well do people relate to it? Does the name entice the user to stay and buy a product? Is the name of the website marketable? All these aspects need to be looked at before zeroing in on the website name in your business plan.

Psychological – This aspect is very often overlooked by business while trying to ascertain the name of their website. However, this should form one of the core reasons for deciding the website name for your business and should be included in your business plan. People tend to remember some names more easily than others and this may help in choosing the perfect name. Further, some names have an inherit advantage of being linked to certain businesses and choosing a name that links well with the type of business you plan to run may help in getting that extra rapport that is so crucial.

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