82. Delivery and Warehousing

Delivery and warehousing of products form one of the last stages of any business in the modern world. In your business plan include details and facts about how you plan to address this crucial area of your business. You may divide this into various sections such as:

General outline – Include details on how you plan to go about the upkeep and delivery of your products. Make a detailed delivery chain line that the product may pass through and finally reach a customer.

Delivery methods – List out the various methods you are using for delivery. Are you using your website to sell products and ship them directly? What about the salesperson you are going to use and how many of them? Include in depth detail of various agents you are going to use in ensuring that you product is delivered effectively to the customer

Timeframe – Divide your delivery methods into various time frames for completion of various stages. How much time does it take to reach a retailer and how early do you need to replenish the stock? All these time factors should be included under this section.

Warehousing costs and time period – What are the costs involved in warehousing and how long does a product remain in warehouse before being discharged? These facts should come under this specific header.

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