78. Method of Production

In this section, you will need to clarify precisely your method of production. It is needed to know how you fabricate your products. There are a few types of productions:

Job Method – The work is done by one or two employers. It is used for small quantities of products or high technology products.

Batch Method – The work is divided into sections. The first section does a part of the product than sends it to the second section that does another part of the product and so on.

Flow Method – It is similar to the batch method but the structure is not so rigid. The product can go the second section and only after go to the first. The employers are not focus in one particular task, they can do multiple ones.

So you need to explain:

How this works in your company – tell which method of production you use and why.

How many sections you have – describe what is done in every section

How many employers you have in each section – why those employers are needed and what they do exactly

How many factories you have – explain the differences between them and why you need that number of factories?

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