71. Competitor Site Analysis

This section deals with the report about the website of your competitor. The details which need to be included in this section are as stated below:

1) Traffic – Include details about the traffic that the website gets. Do not rely on one particular source and include data from multiple sources to get a more accurate estimate.

2) Keywords – Include details about the keywords that the competition is targeting.

3) Demographics – Mention facts about who is actually landing on their website. Is it men or women, kids or adults, married on unmarried? This well help in the design process of your website too.

4) Conversions – What is the conversion rate of the website? How many users actually buy a product or use a service? These details should be included in this section. This is usually expressed as a percentage of the websites’ traffic.

5) Time of stay – This is a neglected part of analysis but you should definitely mention the time period of stay for the visitors.

6) Optimization – Include facts about the optimization level of the website. How many back links do they have? Have they done those randomly or are they systematic? What is the quality of their back-links? What is the PR of their website? Are they still building links to their website? All these questions should be answered in this section.

7) Design, Outlay, Access, Ads – Do they have a good design? Do they run a blog? Are there some supporting websites too backing up their primary website? How many ads they show on their website, if at all they do?

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