73. Google First Page Analysis

Apart from the money that companies spend on various marketing tools on the Internet, there are ways in which the website of the company can get free organic traffic too. The simplest way to do this is by getting on the first page of Google results for the targeted keyword with respect your product or website. However, this is not easy.

You would need to look into the competition that the first page result for that particular keyword has and the reputation of websites dominating that webpage. Afterwards, you would need to develop a plan of action for that particular keyword to get your product on the first position. This would require a lot of optimization on your website. Various facets to look into include:

1) Monetary – How much will go into developing a Google friendly website? How much time and effort will go into getting the top ranking in Google? How much money will it cost to optimize the website for the search engine?

2) Benefits – what are the benefits of grabbing the first position? What results can be expected? Is it feasible to go for this solution over direct bidding for the keyword?

3) Competition – Who occupies the first position? Are these some simple website which may get toppled easily or is their stiff competition?

All these factors should be considered in your Google first position cost analysis.

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