70. Keyword Commercial Intent List

If you plan to sell or promote a product on the Internet, you would need to include detailed keyword intent analysis of the keyword related with your product. There are certain things that you need to highlight in your business plan with regards to any particular keyword. Are you targeting the keyword just for promotion and providing content for your users who may turn out to be future clients or are you selling some product to the people who are visiting?

Some facts that you need to get in order in your business plan include

1) Commerciality – does your keyword actually pertain to selling something on site or off site?

2) Who is searching for that particular keyword and why? This basic question forms the crux of the service that you are going to provide on the landing page of your website. Is the reader of this keyword just looking for some information or is he likely to buy something? If he is going to buy our product via our website then do we need support staff to increase our conversion and infuse trust in the buyer?

3) Look into the competition – A peek into what your competition is doing can help you garner the feasibility of the keyword. Also, if you were to promote the keyword on Google, what would be the cost pre click that you would have to shell out. All these factors should be discussed in your commercial analysis.

4) Is there more than one keyword which you can tap into? If yes, then how many and what is the scope of these keywords in concordance with the business plan.

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