69. Keyword List

Keyword list deals with the various keywords associated with your product or business which you would or should target. You should include the following details about the keywords

Listing – Obviously, the first and foremost thing that you do in this section is that you create a list of keywords which you want to target.

Main Keyword – This is the main keyword or the landing keyword of your website. Mention the main keyword which you plan to rank for.

Traffic – Include details about the traffic that is generated by each of these keywords. Name the resources which you used to get this data for your keywords.

Viability – Mention the commercial or any other purpose that these keywords will satisfy. Include details on the expected conversion rates of these keywords.

Audience – List out the details about your audience that is searching for the product.

Cost – You would definitely have to shell out some money to conquer the keywords and get a good ranking on the search engines. Include the relevant details about the same.

Potential keywords – This list should include details about the keywords which you may not be targeting immediately but at a later stage when you web presence is more established.

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