75. Optimization Plan

After the initial analysis of Google first page has been carried out and sketched in your business plan, you need to chart out the optimization plan for your website. The optimization plan includes on-site and off-site optimization, which in turn is determined by many external factors which need to be looked into. This includes

1) Include the type of website that you want. Will it be a blog cum website or just static website? How many keyword targeted pages?

2) What are the on page optimizations factors which you need to take care of? How will you optimize the pages on your website?

3) Offsite optimization – Is there help available in the office or are you going to use external help and outsource the work? How much time and money would that require?

4) Customer – What does the customer want? This is an aspect that most websites look over as they solely focus on the dynamics of the search engine and ignore the user aspect of their website. How can you optimize the website for the user to stay with you and ultimately buy a product? Do you need better copywriter or sales copy? How is the pitch? How well optimized in the selling page?

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