74. Web Development Plan

Develop a clear development plan for your business and include all the relevant details about how you plan to use this as a platform for your web marketing endeavors. You can shape out your development plan under various sections like:

General Outline – Give a general introduction on how you plan to use the web platform to give a kick to your business and why it would be beneficial. Include details on why this would be good in the longer run.

Website – Detail facts on the type of website which you plan to make. This is one of the core part of this section as a website is crucial base for web marketing. List out the facts on how you plan to develop the website. Will it be static or concurrent? What about maintenance and upgrading? Basically, Include all the details on how you plan to go about developing and maintaining the website.

Ad-planner – Which ad platform you plan to use? Are you going to use Google or some other private party? Would you go directly to niche websites to market your company and product? Include the details of all this stuff the expected returns by this activity.

Product line - What products do you plan to offer? Will you list all or some of the products on the web? Mention details on how you plan to develop the virtual world as a platform for your business.

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