1. Cover Sheet

Cover sheet is the important section of a business plan. You will have to make a business plan which will be informative and authentic. Cover letter is an important section which must be well taken care of. After making a business plan, you need to place it to your clients for review.

In a cover letter you will have to highlight the reason of making business plan. If you are interested to open a spa center or restaurant or internet café, you will have to give the reason of opening a hotel /spa center in your cover letter. In a cover sheet, you will have to describe elaborately about benefits of running your business. Your clients need to be convinced about the objective and purpose of the construction of commercial establishment. You will have to highlight certain areas of statistics report, different sorts of preplanned diagrams and future plans.

The fact is that prior to write any cover sheet or letter in a business plan, you need to do extensive research to accumulate perfect data and information which must be used at the time of cover letter writing. Just write a short brief at the end describing your future prospect and opportunity which you can get by doing such a business.

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