3. Table of Contents

Before starting your business, you will have to prepare a business plan. It is essential for you to create a table of contents in this regard. Try to follow the most workable format/template for designing a perfect and flawless table of contents which will highlight the certain sections of your business plan. Through the table of contents, you should mention the categories and items. Every item needs to be analyzed in different page later.

The table of contents must be placed in descending order. There is a pre-fixed template of creating table of contents. Try to follow that popular format which is understandable to others. This important section should include Executive Summary, Company Analysis, Company Description, Company Mission Statement and Industry Analysis. There are other items and categories which should be included under table of contents.

Before writing down table of contents, you must read some basic rules which are covered under company’s law. Your table of contents must be formed within the legal framework. If you are interested to make this section more prominent, you should bold the letter heads of the table of contents to draw the attention of the viewers and readers. Before going to the next section, you should review your table of contents once more.

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