2. Title Page

To make a business plan fully original and informative, you will have to create a title page in your business plan. There will be an eye catching heading which must be meaningful. You need to give a descriptive note analyzing the business plan very precisely. The title page must be exempted from elaborative description and diagram.

This title page should magnify the name of author with date. You will have to give some detailed information about the confidentiality of the company. You will have to mention the name of the planner who has put much effort to create a wonderful business plan. In a title page, you must state in clear cut terms that the data and information in relation to the company value the sole ownership right of the company and under any circumstance, data should not be copied. Nor is it transferable to the third party.

Your title page should be neat and clean without any error. You must mention that the information should not be sold or handed over to the rival group of the company. You need to be more careful while preparing your title page.

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