Vehicle Donation: One of Many Ways to Make a Contribution

Vehicle Donation: One of Many Ways to Make a Contribution

Over the past few months, charities have tried their best to encourage the public to donate money to them. Their main focus in the last decade has been vehicle donation. Major charitable institutions such as The American Red Cross and the Goodwill Industries are now realizing that their income significanly increases because of more individuals making big donations such as vehicle donation. As a result, these charities are now trying to increase greater awareness in the public of the benefits that come with an auto donation.

Today, charitable institutions are looking at the bigger picture. They are sending out the message that you don’t neccessarily have to just donate a car or money make a difference. Charitable institutions will accept all sorts of large donations. They are very capable of selling those large items, unlocking the funds they need to make a difference. I may think twice before donating my car in the current economic climate, but there are plenty of other items, slightly less valuable, in and around my home, which I would be happy to donate. This is precisely what charities are hoping to capitalize on.

These charities are mostly looking for boats, motors, motorhomes and other large items like these. The reasons for donating such items are very simple. When charities sell the items they can sometimes get a higher price than you might. There is also an advantage for you in making the donation. Donating a boat, trailer or something on the same lines will give you the same kind of tax exemption that you will recieve by donating a car. The rules governing these tax breaks are the same as with most donations. You will need to inform the government that you have made the donation and record the value of the item donated on your tax form.

All in all this is a win-win situation for you as well as the charities. With the help of your donation charities are able to continue their good work and you will enjoy a small tax exemption by giving away an item that you do not want.

Are you a philanthropist looking for ways to give back to your community? Visit to learn more about how you can do just that by donating your vehicle for a good cause.

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