Monthly Archives: January 2010

So you think you’re having a bad day?

I meet people all the time that want to be entrepreneurs. They all think that by opening their own company they will have the freedom to do what ever they want when ever they want. They think they are going to make millions early in life and then retire to a beach in the Caribbean.…
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New Section – Ask Roger Anything

I'm starting a new section to my blog where entrepreneurs can ask me anything about business and I'll do my best to answer their question with a video blog post. Sometimes you get a better more truthful answer when you get it in person. A video blog post is my attempt to replicate that same…
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Introduction Video –

I'm adding a new section to my blog called Ask Roger Anything. This section of my blog will give entreprenuers a chance to ask me questions about my business or about theirs. I will respond with a video blog post giving each person a real personal response. So what kind of questions do you…
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