Month: September 2010

Business Plan – What would you like to see?

One of the things I get asked the most is for help with an entrepreneurs business plan.  While this has drummed up a lot of business for my firm I’m wondering if…
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Business Consultant – Boost sales with a business consultant

Using a business consultant to increase sales Sales are important to a company, so this article tells how a business consultant comes in handy. A business consultant that is hired…
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The Project: Drop Shipping Chapter 5 Introduce Your Site

It’s finally time to introduce our drop shipping site to the world.  We’ve spent a month building out our site and our launch strategy which we are now ready to…
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Business Consultant – Finding the Best Business Consultant Job

Tips for finding the best business consultant job This article tells how a business consultant can find the right job to meet their skills. If you are looking to start…
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Business Consultant – The Consultant Agreement

Why do you need an agreement with a business consultant? This article explains what a consultant agreement is and how a business consultant is involved. What is a consulting agreement?…
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From the Builder of Businesses to the Finder of People

With out the right people your business will not survive. Many entrepreneurs treat their business like they would a child.  They try to protect it form the outside world.  They…
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