Article Syndication Package

What is Article Syndication?

Syndication: the process of distributing articles, stories, columns, photographs, comic strips, or other features for simultaneous publication in a number of web sites, newspapers or periodicals in different localities.
(Marnie Pehrson - She gives the best definition I've seen)

How do we do our Article Syndication?

Your article is spun and submitted to four syndication services.  Each service allows for your article to continually be posted across the internet driving hundreds of back-links to your site.  Once your article is submitted it continues to build links each and every month.

We have memberships with all of the largest syndication companies.  By working with us you can have access to systems that costs thousands of dollars a month.  In fact you can have access to them for pennies on the dollar.

Single Syndication Services:

1 Article $14 (creates 10-20 links per month FOREVER)

5 Articles $57 (creates 50-100 links per month FOREVER)

10 Articles $97 (creates 100-200 links per month FOREVER)