Auctions becoming the order of the day for Goodwill Fundraising

Auctions becoming the order of the day for Goodwill Fundraising

It comes as no surprise to many that the folks running Goodwill Industries of Washington are having to get really creative with their fundraising in this day and age. Simply going out and asking for donations might have worked in the past, but it isn't exactly a compelling way to pull in the charity dollars with a down economy. You might still want to donate car parts or donate your vehicle to the organization, but there aren't so many like you out there. So what is Goodwill Industries doing to make giving easier for the people of Washington?

They are trying to offer something of value to people in the fundraising effort. That, and Goodwill is looking to make the events a little bit more fun than they might have been. This is why auctions are the new craze in fundraising.

Auctions make for nice events to attend, no matter what is being sold off. Typically, things like tickets, memorabilia, and anything of great intrinsic value will be sold at these events. When local businesses come in and help out with donations, that makes the Goodwill Industries job even easier. For now, this is being used to augment the effort when most people aren't willing to come out and donate car parts or donate their vehicle.

Whether it is a silent auction or a live auction, the fun is really what draws people in. Especially in Washington, these Goodwill charity auctions are being billed as not only an opportunity to help out a good cause, but also come in and have a great time. You don't get the great time when you donate car parts directly, so this is something new and different for people who might have an interest.

If your interest is to donate car pieces, then that's still a very real part of the effort for Goodwill. They do want to emphasize that there are plenty of other ways to help that can be a little more interactive, though. That shouldn't get lost in the message coming from the D.C. chapter, which has always had a heavy emphasis on the vehicle donation program.

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