Banner Stands May Look Alike, But Quality Differs

Banner Stands May Look Alike, But Quality Differs

What makes one roll up banner stand worth little more than $100 while a similar looking stand sells for five or more times as much?  Greed may be part of it, but there are real differences that figure in the pricing. Familiarize yourself with the following facts before seeking a retractable banner stand for your next trade show.

Origin of manufacture.   The labor and transportation costs have a major effect on price and quality. Roll up banner stands made in the Far East have lower labor and overhead costs. North American or European products have higher output costs. Quality may vary greatly based on engineering, materials and general production management. Some Roll ups have American or European designs manufactured in far east plants, some with the designer's management oversight. Obviously banner stands manufactured in America or Europe will generally carry a higher price tag and should carry a better warrantee. However, Far East products have come a long way in the area of improved quality.

Materials used  generally can be purchased for about the same price regardless of location, so those costs are usually a higher percent of price content in low labor markets like the far east. Thinner walls on the banner stand canisters, plastic rather than metal parts in the mechanisms and shorter vertical size and width help cut production costs. Other than dimensions, these are factors hard to discern in photos of products.

Features add to the production costs and to the usefullness of any roller type  banner stand. These include banner attachments which can range from permanent tape, to Velcro, special clamping or even changeable cartridges. Vertical poles may be separate pieces of tubing, shock cord connected sets or telescoping for varying heights of banners. Swiveling feet may be included for greater stability. A field retensioining system is sometimes offered. Adding a double sided ability will almost double the price of a stand

Overall look can add to the production cost. This is something you can judge and decide if the price is justified.

Obviously whether the banner is included or not greatly effects the price. The cost of the banner is reflected by the material and method of production. Labor and material costs can be saved when banners are ganged up on large printers that can handle 16 feet wide or more rolls of material. These are efficient, but don't allow for the individual color tweaking and attention to detail that smaller, custom output devices do. The resolution of most output today exceeds 600 dpi, but inexpensive  banners may be less. Ask when ordering..Your graphics or use may prescribe more expensive materials requiring photographic look laminates, greater opacity, fabrics or no curl vinyl. Be sure the material and production method fits your particular needs.

Accessories are often add-ons, but may be included in the base price. Carry bags, padded storage bags, shipping cases, lights and literature holders are common to this category.

Your right price may or may not be the cheapest available via the internet. A good provider like the Trade Show Shop will know the variables and be able to guide you to a cost effective choice for your particular requirements.

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