Benefit Plan Consultants

Benefit Plan Consultants

Your Corporate Benefit Plans can underwrite a fantastic group Benefit Plan that includes the primary component of Group Life Insurance.  The legal necessities outlining Group Life Insurance will usually be identical throughout most of majority of the United States of America.   Knowledgeable Benefit Plan Consultants will advise that the benefits are included in the initial content part of Group Life Insurance Plans:

  •  Coverage is frequently placed even without any evidence of insurability.  This means the individual does not need to go through a medical physical.
  • Certificates of Insurance are sent to the insured party while the master policy is issued and owned by the company, trust, union or other association.
  • All states define a group as consisting at the very least 10 staff members covered under the main policy.  Some States do allow smaller groups.
  • If the monthly costs are covered solely by the policy owner then it's known as a non-contributory plan.  All participating staff or members must be covered. When the costs are paid by both the contract owner and the members then the contract is known as a contributory plan.  At least 75% of all eligible employees must be included.

 Group life insurance for your management and employees can be more than just a lump sum of money handed over to loved ones after death.  Many companies don’t understand that some life insurance plans provide helpful programs and services too.  Some contracts may include:

  • Plans for accessing legal, financial and bereavement support and counseling. 
  • Online Will writing services that will counsel staff members in preparing as well as caring for personal life and health legal papers.
  • The provision of choosing an faster payout of Life Insurance Benefits in the event an individual be discovered with a terminal or critical illness.  Covering payments of alternative healthcare can be financially unmanageable so this clause may be a enormous source of comfort for members and their family members while looking at the heart wrenching and financial setbacks that will frequently happen.

 Source the finest Group Life Insurance Plan and find experienced employees that will remain loyal to your company.  Call a professional Benefit Plans Consultants TODAY!

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