Busienss Consulting – Why you need SEO (Search Engine Optimiztion)

Busienss Consulting – Why you need SEO (Search Engine Optimiztion)

The simple truth is optimization makes you money - lots of it!

It seems to be that the more optimization I do the more I see it's benefits.  When I first started my campaign for rcbryan.com I wasn't really sure about what I would see in regards to results.  I had been told that getting your site up in the rankings is good for business which is a very general statement.  The reality is I had no idea how much business it would bring in.

When your site ranks high for your given service on Google you are instantly given credibility that you could not have built any other way.  Now when I talk to a prospective client I no longer give out my email address.  I simply tell them to Google 'Business Consultant' and to look right below wikipedia.com.  Instantly in their eyes I must know what I'm doing if Google thinks I deserve such a high ranking.  Could that type of reputation help your business?  You bet it could!

The reputation helps with customers who I meet face to face but SEO goes further.  Since making my way to the first page I've picked up five new clients in less then 30 days each of which is buying a service that I do not market other then on my site.  This means this is 100% new found business.  If I was to have created a traditional marketing campaign with the hopes of generating this type of business the costs relative to conversions would have been astronomical.

The bottom line here is that if you are not optimizing your site you are missing out on countless business.  Here are a few simple steps that can help you get your site to move up in the rankings.

  • Remove Adwords: If you can make more with a single sale form your product or services menu then you make per month with your AdWords Campaign you need to remove this.
  • Optimize Your Content: If you are selling a service then make sure you have a lot of information on your site about your service. Google wants to see related content if they are going to let you rank.
  • Build Links: Once you have your site set-up correctly you need to build your site link value. Go out and find related sites and get them to link back to you.
  • Hire a Professional: If all of this sounds a little daunting then don't be sacred to pay someone else to do it. Often a professional can get more done in a month that you can do in a year. A little invested now will reap large rewards for you in the future.

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