Business Plan – What would you like to see?

Business Plan – What would you like to see?

One of the things I get asked the most is for help with an entrepreneurs business plan.  While this has drummed up a lot of business for my firm I'm wondering if I could give my blog readers the same tool that I use to do this?  Over the years after working on nearly 1000 business plans I've created a 100 point review process that is straight forward and easy to use.  It is an outline of the major elements of a business plan in a structured organized manner.  This simple tool is what helps me to see if someones plan has what it takes to become a business.

What I'm now considering is do I keep this idea to myself so that I can continue to sell it or do I post it on my blog so everyone else can use?  Secondly, if I post it on my blog - how should I do it?


  • I could make the list a free PDF Download with subscription to the site.   This is a great marketing tool that many people use to get more subscribers.
  • I could post the list to my site directly.   I like this idea because I would be able to better explain the list this way.  I would also be able to create 100 pages of content off of this list if I was to link each line of the list to a page describing what I mean.  The problem here is that the search term 'business plan' is a very competitive keyword.
  • The other option is to keep the list private and continue to use it internally which means I can keep charging for it.

I'd like to ask my readers what they think?  Leave me a comment below and the person that gives me the best idea will get a $25 iTunes Gift Card.

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