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Are your sites ranking as well as you would like them too?

I Have a Dream - Cheap SEO For All!  How Cheap? How about Free... A couple years back I hated my job the idea of Cheap SEO hadn't even come to me.  It seemed like I was working myself to death so that someone else could make all the money.  I had tried everything to…
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ReachCast | ReachLocal’s ReachCast Service is Terrible

I'll say this - I don't typically make posts about bad services such as ReachCast. ***Please Read the Entire Article*** I tend to only praise the good and then let the bad suffer their own fate. In this case the staff at ReachLocal has been so terrible that I can not help the word to…
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Take a Survey | Win Prizes (Guaranteed!)

Bear User, Thank you for downloading my Free Business Plan Guide from To help serve you better we have created a short survey that will take less then a few minutes. As an added bonus we will be awarding prizes to two lucky members! First Prize: $500 in FREE SEO Services from Second…
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