Choosing the Right Solar Panel

Choosing the Right Solar Panel


A long as your home has adequate roof space and the proper orientation to the sun, a solar power system could provide all of the electricity for your home. Some homeowners who might have been interested in solar power have been discouraged because they did not meet one or the other of these requirements. The installation costs could not be justified in these cases. Improvements in solar panel technology in recent years should give hope to these homeowners, as modern panels are more efficient than older versions and are also more tolerant of sunlight that is hitting them at a steeper angle.  One common application is with the use of 12 volt batteries and charge controller coupled with a solar panel to make a  12 volt solar charger.

These newer solar panels are based on improved solar cell technology and better manufacturing techniques that provide a better solution for all solar power systems. Because of several different improvements, the solar cells in these newer solar panels offer homeowners better energy generation than ones that were available just a few years ago. The main advantage of the newer solar panels is that they can produce more electricity from less sunlight. This is good for homeowners since it means that they are more effective for longer periods of the day. The number of hours per day the older panels could be used was more limited because they needed the sun to hit them more directly. During the early morning and and late afternoon these older panels would produce little to no energy. If there were any clouds at all, even if the sun could shine through them, these panels couldn’t produce electricity consistently. These newer panels will help many homeowners justify the cost of installing a solar power system because they will generate more energy in all levels of sunlight. This can also be good news for people who have homes with less than perfect alignment with the sun.

These newer solar panels will also allow the average homeowner to entirely eliminate their electric bill with fewer panels. Because there are fewer panels used, this will also mean the system is less expensive. This can make a real different for people with limited roof space.  You can see how much solar power and how many panels you'll need for your home if you  take a look at Solar Power Calculator.

Longevity is the final advantage to the newer solar panels. Older panels would last 10 to 15 years in a moderate climate before they needed to be replaced. After about 10 years the panels would slowly degrade until they were unusable. This was because as the solar cells aged, they would fail one by one. Since the solar panel was a collection of many of these cells it would still produce energy, only less. The newer solar cells are more durable and will produce more power as well as lasting longer. This means that a homeowner will enjoy their benefits for many more years, and makes their investment in solar energy technology an even better choice.  Many people save a lot of money on the cost of a solar installation by making their own home  build solar panel.

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