Clean Energy Saves Landlords Money and Helps Reduce Carbon Emmissions

Clean Energy Saves Landlords Money and Helps Reduce Carbon Emmissions

Green energy has become more affordable and pragmatic for business and homes to install than in the past. Green energy has become more realistically-priced for average consumers as various research studies by firms and universities alike have improved the technology and refined production processes. In addition, as energy cost rise unabated; the interest in green energy options has become stronger.

Solar heating tubes are an excellent alternative to the conventional hot water boiling heating type of set-ups installed in almost every residential and commercial property. The benefits of this kind of green energy installation are numerous and needs to be evaluated when considering what heating system to purchase for heating water in a residential or business structure to be built or renovated.

The answer to reducing cash outlays for heating water is solar heating tubes. This is a relatively new technology that makes use of vacuum-sealed tubes for storing energy from sunlight. The sun's energy super heats the specially formulated liquid in the tubes and delivers the heat in the fluid through the hot water unit. This superheated liquid can rise up to around 87.8 degrees celsius.

And because the tubes holding the heat conducting liquid are concealed there is not much regular maintenance tasks to be done. The heating equipment using the solar heating tube system itself, can go for almost around 20 years without ever having to be maintained, or tinkered with other than to turn it on and off. The general life expectancy of an average electric boiler heater is thirteen years. A water heating unit utilizing solar heating tubes will last several years longer, and has a further advantage of being less expensive to use.

Conventional hot water boiler heaters usually come with 5 year warranties. This is five years that the property owner does not need to be concerned about beakdowns in the heating system while still paying for the utilities. After the 5 years is over, the tank could go at anytime. Another danger of the standard hot water boilers is linked to the very nature of the hot water heater. While safety features on these electric appliances have improved substantially over the last 30 years or so, gas leaks when installing and uninstalling of the old technology hot water heater can still happen. Solar heating tubes employ sunlight and not gas for heat, thus, chances of gas leakage is nill. They are filled with a special heat conducting fluid that is environmentally safe so even if a leak were to happen, your everyone in your house, including your pets will still be safe.

The electricity usage needed to pump water is much less than the dollar cost of heating a 55 gallon tank of water. As a result, a system using solar heating tubes can be operated at a fraction of the total electric charges associated with traditional heating equipments.

The current pipe system already installed does not have to be modified for it to begin using solar heating tubes. Moreover, as with most types of green energy the initial set-up is quite unobtrusive. It’s the same for solar heating tubes. There is not a lot of plumbing to be done, no expensive and hard to find pipes are used for the building itself, so this makes setting it up less complicated than one would normallythink. Reading and researching is your 1st action plan. Contacting your state or county supplier, or finding an online dealer would be your second step.

Be prepared for a lot of sales materials to be thrown your way. With numerous suppliers expanding their reach into the green energy niche, there are several dealers to select from. Carefully research your supplier so whoever you buy your solar heating system from is a credible dealer. If you are going to employ professionals, it is important to request for client testimonials and to ask as many questions you require to feel comfortable about what heater to buy.

We wish you success in your implementation plans and we thank you for your willingness to learn the advantages of green energy, and in particular solar heating tubes. Reading this article is the start of a more energy efficient and environmentally responsible future.

Craig Axelrod is a principal for Emmy Energy, a NY Long Island solar power operation offering solar heating tube systems in New York and solar panel systems throughout the North East.

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    I didn’t quite follow this to begin with. But when I read it a third time, it all added up in my mind. Thanks for the insight. Definitely something to think about. Thanks for sharing…

  2. An interesting article on energy saving systems. We are now running 3 woodburning stoves with back boilers on carbon neutral heat logs. These are made from wood waste and are very efficient. We have hot water ey 24 / 7 and are now also coupling our heating system to solar power. This is deffinatly the way forward.

    • Roger Bryan

      @John Log, We are working on a project to turn recycled books into bio-fuel. I appreciate your post and hope that more people in the future turn to alternative sources of energy.

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