Could All That Blogging Be Turned into Passive Income?

Could All That Blogging Be Turned into Passive Income?

Has the idea of putting that blogging expertness for extra income ? If you know a lot about a topic, create a product that you can recommend to your audience .

Developing an information product has become very popular. It is truly a stroke of genius . Have you ever wondered why people come to the Internet in the first place? They are looking for information . Instead of letting them browse around the search engines for pieces of information , give them all that they need in one place your blog.

This concept might be new to you and you might be weary of using your blog. Well, the better point is “Why not?” You take the time every day writing about a specific topic for your readers . And they return because of two things:

  • Your voice
  • Your understanding

Give them more of your voice with informational products. What types of informational products can you propose? Let’s begin with something small and work our way bigger .

Special Reports

You can create smaller products such as special reports. You can use these as freebies when purchasing an eBook or other informational product . They can be a collection of previoulsy written blog posts with a bit more information sprinkled in . These reports are usually no longer then 20 pages and as short as 5 pages . The longer ones can be sold for extra income.


EBooks are digital books that can be downloaded to your computer in a few minutes . They keep the bookshelves of your home from getting a lot of books and can be shared much quicker and easier than a regular book.

But, these are not just any eBooks. These eBooks are your creation and can’t be gotten anywhere but your blog. Just scroll through your blog and pull up all areas of your topic that readers have shown an interest in. Blog posts only touch the surface. You can provide your readers more in detail information in an eBook.


Other Products

There are heaps of informational products you can put together to monetize your blog. From here, you can branch out into workbooks, audio, video, e-courses, etc.

But , before we get ahead of ourselves, be sure that you ready your blog for selling . You will need a shopping cart so that readers can easily shop and buy your products.

There are many rewards to informational products on your blog. For one , there is no overhead. You have the knowledge and you have the ability to create the products. You don’t have to work from scratch . Use archived content to get you going .  

So, what is stopping you ? Use what you are passionate about to fashion extra income for you and your family.

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