Current Home Solar Power Breakthroughs

Current Home Solar Power Breakthroughs


Solar power systems can save the average homeowner a lot of money each year by reducing or eliminating their electricity bills. They will never again have to worry about another electric bill if they install a properly sized solar panel array. Some homeowners, though, encounter problems that prevent them from getting the return on investment that they had hoped for. Some of these issues have been overcome in recent years with improvements to the solar power technology and these innovations make these systems the perfect answer for most homeowners. You can make use of these improvements whether you're purchasing solar panels or making a  DIY solar panel.

The biggest concern for most homeowners that are considering installing a solar panel system is does their home have the proper orientation to the sun to be able to take advantage of solar power. For people in the northern hemisphere, their home must have one side that faces south in order for solar panels to operate at peak efficiency. As the sun travels across the sky, a southern exposure ensures that the solar panels get a good amount of sun through the day. Older panels had a very specific need to constant sun exposure for most of the day. If their positioning was even a little bit off, it could have a major impact on the amount of power they could generate

This problem is solved in modern solar panels by using more efficient solar cells. These modern solar cells can tolerate the sun striking them at a larger angle and can also produce more power from the same amount of sun as older cells. Because of this, they have a wider tolerance for locations that would not have been good choices for older systems. This makes them a perfect fit for installations that have a lees than perfect alignment for maximum solar power generation. These newer solar panels can still generate a lot of power even when they are out of a traditional alignment with the sun and also do a great job in periods of diminished sunlight as well. Many older panels had to be rotated to maintain this direct angle with the sun, but newer ones don't. This makes them well suited to a home build a solar panel  installation.

This is quite an advantage over older panels that had to have a lot of consistent sun in order ot produce electricity. Because of this, older panels were inactive when the sun was rising in the morning and setting in the late afternoon. Even though there was sunlight, they could not produce power because the sunlight was not of a sufficient level to get them started. Newer panels will produce power proportional to the amount of sun even during these periods of lower amounts of sunlight. This means they will produce their maximum output during the day when the sun is brightest and will still produce power in lesser amounts when less sunlight is present. So, these more modern solar panels can produce more average power per day and therefore more total power through the year. Homeowners who previously could not justify the cost of a solar power system now can because of the significant additional power these newer solar panels can provide.

A solar power system is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home. No matter whether you supplement the electricity provided by the power company or supply all of the electricity needs of your house, a solar power system will definitely increase the value of your home.A simple  diy solar charger  can be a great first solar project.

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